VBT# Wired - Martha Randolph Carr

Today's VBT# is author Martha Randolph Carr and her novel "Wired" on behalf of Novel Publicity Tours.

Review: Wired - Martha Randolph Carr - May 2011
Wanting a mystery novel that also adds the element of drama and family sagas to the mix. Meet the Eames Family - Charlie , Mary Elizabeth and their son Matthew. They were a happy family unit until recently , Mary Elizabeth has been acting very strangely and it makes you wonder if there's something in the air. After being married such a long time , it makes you think and wonder whether couples really are like this and hide secrets that can tear marriages apart - secrets so extreme you could'nt ever imagine it. Up till a year ago , I would have said that if you have been married a long time e.g 15+ years , you should be able to share secrets and overcome all obstacles in your marriage's way but that proved not to be true as I experienced a marriage of close ones separating after 25 years over a dark secret- just like that . In Wired , Mary Elizabeth's whole life starts to crumble piece by piece when articles of murders at the Bluff start to circulate in Rosewood's newspaper. We discover that something happened with Mary Elizabeth and the Bluff and that now the murders are starting back up , she may be in vital danger. Not knowing how to cope, she pushes away Charlie and we see him finding comfort in a friend's sister Thelma. Can the pair of them work out what is going on and share their secrets before neither of them can stand being near each other ? Is this the end for the married couple Mary Elizabeth and Charlie as he does a John Tucker (reference from the film John Tucker Must Die)  on his wife ? What is the connection between Mary Elizabeth and the murders that are occuring on the bluff ?
Find out all this and more in Wired - a novel that at first will seem confusing as you try and piece together the pieces but once you get into the novel , it will start feeling
 like a completed jigsaw.

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Learn more about this author by visiting her website, Facebook or GoodReads pages or by connecting with her on Twitter. You'll definitely want to check out Martha's Mystery Blog--each week a new short thriller is serialized Monday through Friday. The entries are nice and short, easy to read via smart phone or tablet. It's all at http://www.marthacarr.com/.



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