Saturday, November 26, 2011

Review: A Beautiful Dark - Jocelyn Davies

Wanting an Angel novel , one that features Good and Evil ? One of the best I have read in a long time ?
Review: A Beautiful Dark - A Beautiful Dark #1 -Jocelyn Davies - September 2011
Life for Skye has always been different , from becoming an Orphan when she was six years old and then the fact that her eyes are the silver that used to be used in mercury thermometers. When her friends go against her wishes on her seventeenth birthday and through her a surprise party , it seems that this will be the start of her troubles as she meets two guys at her party - Asher and Devin. One Dark Haired and the other Blonde. It seems that these two guys know all about Skye and things seem to be exploding all around her and it's not her imagination going into overdrive. What are they here for and what has it got to do with Skye ? When at a school Ski trip , Asher decides to tell a story about the Rebels and Guardians - Bad and Good Angels . The story hits Skye hard as her parents use to tell her the story as a bedtime tale . The story about a rebel angel falling in love with a Guardian and having a child that would connect to the two sides together bringing chaos to a natural order. It seems that the child born was Skye and now Asher - a Rebel and Devin - A Guardian are here to test Skye and her powers , Asher to collect her for their side and unfortunately Devin to kill her . What will happen though when both boys discover that they share love and feelings for Skye , can they continue their jobs or will all three of their safety nets be compromised ? What powers does Skye have and is her life as a normal teenager over for good and what really happened to her parents , how did they die ?
Find out all this and more in an amazing new Angels novel , one that is a must-read for all. I can't wait to see what else Jocelyn Davies brings next.

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  1. The book was well paced and I could not put it down. It did not end how I thought it would, and to be honest, I didn¿t have an ending in mind, and that was wonderful. I often times skip to the end to see what happens, but with this book I wanted to be surprised.


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