Review: Bound For Pleasure - Ann Mayburn

Wanting an erotica to read , something nice and short but definitely does not lack steamy and sex appeal :)
Bound for Pleasure by Ann Mayburn
Review: Bound for Pleasure - Ann Mayburn -September 2011
Are you feeling in the mood for a bit of erotic spice to your evening ? Wanting a short novelette at 37 pages ? Bound For Pleasure will take you on a very and I do mean VERY steamy sex ride as you turn each page. This novelette does include BDSM and is filled with Dom/Sub roles. The story takes place in a hotel room with football player Tycen who lost his wife years ago and now has been wanting to get in touch with his BDSM side again. His friend recommends the 1NightStand Agency and we meet Lara , who lost her fiance in the Marines. We see the two of them perform , each playing their roles but if they're not careful their lives could come under scrutiny as a stalking paparazzi leers near. Will this be the end of Lara and Tycen or will their 1NightStand of BDSM become a recurring event ?
Find out all this and more in Ann Mayburn's Bound For Pleasure.


  1. Thank you so much, Paula! I'm really glad you enjoyed the book and thank you again for reviewing it. :D


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