Review: Goddess of the Sea - PC Cast

Continuing with PC Cast's The Goddess Summoning Series , I bring you another one in the series as I make my way through , this time taking you to the land of sea and well -land and also going back in time .....
Review: Goddess of the Sea - Book #1 Goddess Summoning Series- PC Cast- 2004
As we travel through the Goddess Summoning Series , I'm finding it awesome as I not only have an enjoyable read but at the same time I am developing my Mythology as I go through the series learning all the different Greek Gods and Goddesses.
In Goddess of the Sea , we meet CC aka Christine , she is twenty-five years old and a Sergeant in the AirForce , the only downside is she hates flying. On the eve of her birthday which also happens to be Halloween , Christine is feeling down in the dumps as her family and friends have seemed to have forgotten her birthday and when they do finally remember, its the wrong age.
Desperate for a little magic in her life , CC puts on the video The Witches of Eastwick and wishes that just once she could have magic in her lives like they do when Jack Nicholson arrives to town. She finds an Incantation worshipping Mother Earth - Goddess of Earth Gaea/ Gaia and recites the spell. Next day, she is given a gift of an Amber necklace which is said will protect her from evil. During her flight , it crashes and CC ends up in the ocean and all of a sudden , she is switching lives with Undine - a mermaid and daughter of Posiedon /Lir . The change causes her not only to turn into a mermaid but also to go back in time to Medieval Wales . It is here that she discovers Undine is trying to escape her evil half-brother Saraepdon. In an attempt , CC strikes a deal with Gaea that she can live on earth as well as water. Soon her heart is torn as on Earth she has fallen for a Prince Andras and in the water she has fallen for Merman Dylan. In order to break the spell , she must find true love and they must be able to accept her for exactly who she is ? Will her Prince Charming be Andras or Dylan and will she ever get back to her real world or is she stuck in Medieval Wales Forever ?
Find out all this and more in PC Cast's first book in the Goddess Summoning Series "Goddess of the Sea".


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