Review : A Cowboy for Christmas - Kristen James

Wanting a christmas read ? Something with hunky Cowboys and horses ?
Check out today's Christmas Tale "A Cowboy for Christmas" by Kristen James
Review: A Cowboy for Christmas - Kristen James - November 2009
Wanting a lovely nice Christmas read ? Something with romance, cowboys and horses ? Every now and again we read a novel that we already have it figured out what way it's going to head. In a Cowboy for Christmas, this was a lovely formula fiction like romance novel that in parts felt like I was reading a Pink Mills and Boons. In a Cowboy for Christmas we are confronted with two main characters Melissa aka Missy Nelson and Brent . Melissa's half-brother Ben has passed away in a tragic accident and as she was his only remaining family, she has inherited his property. However, what she didn't bargain for was that Ben only owned half of the property , when all Melissa wanted was a nice smooth transaction , however the only option for this to work would be for Brent to buy Melissa out but the ranch is too new and the costs aren't there. With only one option left , Melissa must stay to live on the ranch and help out Brent . This a humourous part in the novel as we get the flash fiction side of City Girl in the Country . Can Melissa prove to Brent that she belongs and as the novel continues , we see sparks "of course" fly between Brent and Melissa , can they put their past between them and find out what Melissa will get for Christmas - something I wouldn't mind :p in A Cowboy for Christmas by Kristen James.


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