Friday, November 11, 2011

Review: If I Die - Rachel Vincent


Have you been a follower of Rachel Vincent's series "Soul Screamers" ? A Series based on a bean sidhe named Kaylee and two brothers one a bean Sidhe Nash and his reaper brother Tod ?
If so, get ready for the next book in the series as it takes an interesting turn of events.

Review: If I Die -Soul Screamers Series #5 - September 2011
Guess it only makes sense to me to write this review in Green , as for fans of the Soul Screamers series, they will know that each cover has a scream/ a wisp of a particular colour from blue to purple to If I Die's cover of green. Though I have to say I prefer the whiteness of the cover on the right hand side.
In If I Die , we see a number of different storylines and former characters appear, which makes you wonder readers is this goodbye for the Soul Screamers series ? It's back at school time and Kaylee and her friends have a hot new math teacher - Mr Beck, who knew that Math Teachers were SEXY AND HOT. Though, Kaylee and Sabine know something is up when their math teacher doesn't read as being entirely human. When a girl whose being tutored by Mr Beck ends up having a miscarriage and Kaylee's scream for the unborn child , something is definitely up. It turns out that Mr Beck is in fact a Incubus aka Sex Demon and is in his breeding days. Can Kaylee and Sabine stop him before he makes Kaylee's friend Emma his next victim ? Normally everything would be alright, but this time Kaylee is on a deadline as she is informed by Tod- the reaper that she will be dead in six days and exceptions can't be made when your already living on borrowed time. As we read If I Die , we watch Kaylee and Sabine pair up on the favour that once Kaylee is gone , Sabine finally gets what she's always wanted - Nash. Though of course, she may get him a little bit sooner as sparks fly between Tod and Kaylee , can a dead girl be with a Reaper ? What will happen to Nash when he finds out and turns back to Frost Breath , will it send him crazy like it did his best friend Scott whom we visit at Lakeview Mental Hospital ?
Kaylee did not expect her last six days on earth to be saving her friends and family from danger , yet again her life has never been simple, so why should it change when she has only six days to live ?
Find out all this and more in If I Die by Rachel Vincent as it answers the question we've all been holding our breath for - will Kaylee still be alive as we turn the last page ? A recommended read for all those fans of Soul Screamers - not recommended to read if you haven't yet read the prior 4 Soul Screamer Books.

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