Sunday, November 6, 2011

Review: The Christmas Wedding - James Patterson and Richard Dillalo

As we know James Patterson is more commonly known for his mystery novels but one of my favourite genres of his tend to be the romances, which is the girl who loves romantic happily-ever afters coming through.
It seems that we can't escape the fact that Christmas is nearing as many of the novels that are coming out all have to do with a Christmas theme.
Review: The Christmas Wedding - James Patterson and Richard Dillalo- October 17th 2011
In his latest romance "The Christmas Wedding" we meet Gaby Summerhill , who hopes that this year she can get all her family to come and visit for Christmas. When her three best male friends all propose to her , it sparks an idea in Gaby's head. She will get married on Christmas Day to one of the three guys but the catch is no-one will know which one until the actual Wedding - not even the groom. In order to let her family in on the surprise, she makes a series of Videos with the help of her best friend Stacey-Lee who also has no idea. As the novel continues , we read as a lead-up to the Wedding and the reunion of families - the going-on's of her children's lives leading up to the major event. Gaby's oldest daughter Claire's life is falling apart as her and her husband Hank are having marital problems. When Claire kicks her husband Hank out and he returns in time for Christmas , will the pair rekindle their passion or will it be too late and a divorce be on the cards for this Christmas ? The next daughter Emily , has always strived to achieve the impossible and with her mantra which resembles the famous Forrest Gump line "Run, Emily, Run". When her chances of making Partner in the law firm are compromised , will she take the offer on the table and lower her standards or will she find the courage to stand up for what is right and herself ? Her third daughter , Lizzie has always had everything under control but what will happen when her husband Mike contracts Cancer , will he live to see Christmas ? The story between Lizzie and Mike had a touch of PS I Love You theme to it. Of course, in the Christmas Wedding it does prove to be that Weddings are the reason for the season as Seth -the only son and his girlfriend Andi have some news of their own.
The Christmas Wedding, like James Patterson's other novels, no matter what the genre is will keep you guessing and on your toes with the suspense of finding out who the lucky man is and readers , don't spoil it by turning to the end. Resist the temptation like I Did :).

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