Review: Envy - Gregg Olsen

Wanting a new teen novel to read ? One that will leave you in suspense ?
Review: Envy - An Empty Coffin Novel #1- Gregg Olsen - September 2011
When I read the blurb of this book it sounded really exciting , but little did I realise the take that the novel was going to have . It screamed with so many different angles and in ways the way it connected though of course, some of the storylines did not connect with the main plot - so in parts you may be a tad confused but once you have finished the novel , you will catch up sooner than later. Envy starts with the death of Katelyn , a fifteen year old girl in the small neighbourhood. Everyone wonders as the situation arises , was it suicide or murder set up to look like a suicide ? What caused Katelyn to pass ? As the novel goes along, we discover neighbours and twins that use to be Katelyn's best friends when they were little have psychic powers which are later talked about and developed in the book. The Twins Taylor and Hayley believe something more sinister went on and when they start to see things and hear things, are the twins in danger as the killer or stalker may be just around the corner. Discover as you read Envy as we get a snippet into the inner lives of the rest of the cast and neighbourhood. It seems that all of us are Envious and Guilty for something as the truth becomes revealed. The novel also touches base on an example of a True story incident involving Cyber-Bulling which we will see dashed throughout the novel.
A great read that will hold you in suspense but in the same time feel for poor Katelyn and what it feels to be or feel truly alone.
I can't wait to read Book #2 Betrayed in the Empty coffin series and if it's anything as good as Book #1 Envy then Gregg Olsen is on the right track.


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