Friday, November 25, 2011

VBT# Cloyne Court - Dodie Katague

Today's VBT# author is Dodie Katague with his book "Cloyne Court" , The perfect read for all college -aged students and those who enjoy reading college inspired fiction.
Cover for 'Cloyne Court'
Synopsis: Cloyne Court - Dodie Katague- September 2010
The Real Animal House: In 1946, the "real" all male "Animal House" was born when Cloyne Court become a student co-op. In the 50 & 60s, the "beasts" waged war with the Berkeley Chapter of Beta Theta Pi, an athletically-oriented fraternity. That feud ended when Cloyne's archenemies moved across campus. However, the real story begins when Cloyne Court went co-ed in 1972 with the arrival of sixty-two women. Katague's sexy, reveal-all creative memoir takes place in the late 70s, soon after the women moved in. All it takes is one kiss to transform animals into horny princes.
Dodie Katague has written with such a fervor that one can't help but be transported to the time, walking beside Derek as we read as each life lesson throughout the pages comes to life .  I loved the different characters found throughout the pages and how each of them interacted with Derek. Cloyne Court is one of those books, that would strongly appeal to that of the male audience rather than females.
About The Author: Dodie Katague
Dodie lived at Cloyne Court Coop from 1977-79 while attending the University of California, Berkeley. He is now an attorney and lives in Walnut Creek, CA.


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