Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Review: Lost In Time - Melissa De La Cruz

Have you been following Melissa De La Cruz's Blue Bloods Vampire Series ? A series that is Gossip Girl but with Vampires ?
Get ready for Book #6 Lost In Time and the 2nd to last novel in the Blue Bloods Saga.
Review: Lost In Time - Blue Bloods #6 - Melissa De La Cruz - September 2011
Have you been following the Blue Bloods Series ? , It seems that alot has happened since Melissa first started the series. In the last few novels , we discovered that Mimi Force and Schulyer were in fact half-sisters and then Schulyer went off to marry Jack Force leaving behind her best friend and Conduit Oliver- who went to work  for the Repository. Mimi fell in love with Silver Blood and Venator Kingsley Martin and then we discovered that Schuyler's mother Allegra has awoken from her coma , that occured shortly after Schuyler's birth and that Bliss- a fellow classmate is actually a descendant of Lucifer's.  In Lost in Time , we read as Schulyer and Jack head to find the Gates of Time and Paradise in order to free Jack from his bond with Mimi. Whereas Mimi heads down to the levels of the Underworld with Oliver , to go and retrieve Kingsley, as much as she denies it she is besotted with him, though when it comes to the crunch- will Kingsley return the feelings ? The story also flips between the modern day of Mimi, Jack, Schulyer but also we read the story of how Allegra ended up in the Coma and the truth of what happened between her Charles and Ben - Schulyer's human dad. A great read for Blue Bloods fan as this is the one story that explains about Allegra and Charles aka Michael and Gabrielle and Jack and Mimi - Azrael and Abbadon.

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