Review: Hand Me Down - Michelle Holman

It is very rare that I get to bring you what I consider on The Phantom Paragrapher, "Homegrown Literature" - books that are set in New Zealand or written by New Zealand Authors.
Today's book is written by one of my all-time favourite NZ Chick-Lit authors Michelle Holman , author of hit titles Bonkers, Knotted, Divine and Barefoot.
Get ready this Christmas as Michelle has released her latest novel "Hand Me Down".
Review: Hand Me Down - Michelle Holman- November 2011
Twenty six years ago , two little girls were born in the small town of Pisa - not Pisa , Italy but Pisa, Otago- New Zealand. Home of the best Cherries and Cherry picking you have ever seen. One was a brunette, olive skinned girl and the other blonde and blue eyes. Hand Me Down  starts the day, these two babies went home with the wrong set of parents. All her life , April Ritchie was a princess in her daddy's eyes and could do no wrong , her family were wealthy and important - as they owned the biggest house in Pisa and the most land - their house even had a name "Aurora". Seventeen years later though, this little girl's life was about to come crumbling down as rumours were sparking that she wasn't the biological daughter of Heather and Grant Ritchie. Furious with rage , April was kicked out of home and she left Pisa -vowing to never return but before she left , she made a quick detour into the hospital and stole two medical records her's and Nola Gutsell's. Nine years later , April is flat-broke and making her living as a kissing telegram girl singing Happy Birthday to horny guys. When a job comes up, it takes April back to her home town of Pisa , though alot has changed in Nine Years from her family home being sold to the one person whose reputation she ruined , to a whole town annoyed at April for the girl she used to be. Can April prove to them she has changed ? That she's not the same person who left nine years ago ? What will happen when the truth of who April really is comes out , will her closest friend Latoya Gutsell feel betrayed ?
Once again, Michelle Holman has written a superb story that will have us in laughter in parts and tears in others as the cracks between April's tough exterior start showing and her true colours revealed. Highly recommend to all to read, especially if you want an injection of New Zealand Humour into your life.


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