Review: Proven Guilty - Jim Butcher

As we journey along in the world of The Dreden Files and follow Harry on his adventures , I bring forth to you lovers of The Dresden Files Book #8 - Proven Guilty
Review: Proven Guilty - Book #8 The Dresden Files - Jim Butcher - May 2006
It seems that Harry and his friend Michael Knight have not seen or heard from each other in Two years and alot has happened as Harry recieves in Proven Guilty , a phonecall from Jail - Charity and Michael Knight's oldest daughter Molly is in prison and needs Harry to bail her and her boyfriend Nelson out. It seems that some dark magic and entities are going down at SplatterCon!!!- the first Horror convention and Nelson is the prime suspect but Molly swears black and blue that he's innocent and we all know the saying "Innocent until Proven Guilty". When Harry arrives at the Convention , it seems that Dark forces are at work and there is an entity killing people feeding off their Fear , this part reminded me of all those Feardotcom Horror movies. At the event though, things are going to get a bit messy as the FBI are involved which unfortunately means the appearance of Murph's ex-husband and current brother-in-law Rick. Will the two of them be able to play it friendly in order to solve the crime ? It also seems that Murph has developed some kind of romantic feelings for Harry , can the two of them work together in a professional capability or will her feelings hinder their working together ?
Meanwhile as we recall Harry has been on the White Council ever since the attack from the Red Vampires that left the council rendering for new blood , it seems that their is a traitor involved ? Can Harry with the assistance of his friends of the Faerie Courts find out whose leaking information ? We also discover the origins of why Harry stopped seeing Michael and what resulted of the incident ?
Find out all this and more in Proven Guilty by Jim Butcher and stay tuned for Book #9 White Night


  1. thought Harry has evolved greatly as a wizard in this book. He's powerful and vulnerable at the same time. This book bought back most of my favorite characters: Summer Lady, Winter Lady, Michael, Murphy and Thomas. Introducing Rawlings was a nice addition as well.

    Now the waiting begins again....hurry Jim with the next one!
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