Friday, November 25, 2011

VBT# Samara King

It seems that November must be a time of VBT#'s as I seem to be showcasing alot of authors this month LOL. Today's Author Showcase is part of the Sizzling PR Tours - Samara King.

Synopsis: In the Public Eye - Samara King:Inter-racial Sensual Romance.
Ria Phillips Fox married the Chicago's Richest Bachelor, Garrison Fox believing that he was the man of her dreams. Soon she resents feeling like nothing more than arm candy.
Garrison Fox isn’t a man who deals well with being left in his bed alone and he has no intention of staying in the predicament Ria’s left him in. Even if it means playing dirty. After all, there’s more way than to catch a fox.
Synopsis: The Panty Affair-Samara King- Inter-racial Erotic Romance:
Lingerie Designer Reese Simmons left one-time lover, business magnate Liam Avery, but when a chance to grow her design company comes along and taking him up on an indecent proposal maybe just the ticket to get him out of her system.
Liam Avery is a man who believes in taking risks and the only risk he is not willing to take is having Reese walk out of his life again. He'll do anything he can to make sure that doesn't happen, even offer her an indecent proposal for a night of wild sex, one strip of lace at a time!
Synopsis: Flirting with Danger-Samara King- Paranormal Multicultural romance:
When the renowned Blood Luna and a million dollar in jewels are stolen by her ex-fiance and vampire, heroine Aries Roman seeks to retrieve them at any cost. Aries never dreams of meeting up with ex-lover and Seastnan guard Quentin De Leon again. From the moment he ends up in her shower, demanding she was to accept his protection, she knows that he’s never left her heart or forgotten his touch
About The Author: Samara KingSamara King began her literary journey at the age of twelve years old while sneaking to the back of the library and indulging in romance novels; soon after, she wrote her own! She has penned four novels and fifteen novellas all within the multicultural erotic romance genre, as well as two poetry collections. She is a 2011 Poet of the Year Nominee by African Americans On The Move Bookclub. In 2010, Samara launched SK MINIs, under her self-publishing house, Eclectic Soul Publications Inc. Her poetry collection, The Ebony Kryptonite has been well received and was followed by Stripped Barefoot, her first spoken word project. To date, Samara has been published by Cobblestone Press, Changeling Press, Loose Id, and Total-e-Bound to date. Samara lives in Chicago with her family, where she encounters new adventures every day that service her in the creation of each of her stories! Readers can reach her at: ms_samara_king@yahoo.com

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