Review: Double Dexter - Jeff Lindsey

Are you a fan of the hit TV Show "Dexter" ? Loving the series , What about the books ? Read Books #1-5 ? Get ready Dexter lovers for Book #6 "Double Dexter".
It isn't that often that a book has more than 2 covers , but check out readers all the different designs I found for Double Dexter. Which do you like best ?
Review: Double Dexter - Book #6 Dexter Series - Jeff Lindsay- October 2011
He's taken a rest from our TV Screens and is back on our bookshelves, with Book #6 our favourite serial killer and guy next door Dexter Morgan. In Double Dexter , we read as Dexter is not only adjusting to marital status but also father duty with his gorgeous daughter Lily-Anne , Stepfather to Cody and Astor and Uncle status with Deb's son Nicholas. However, it wouldn't be a Dexter novel without the Dark Passenger being let loose and in Double Dexter , he finds himself killing a Paedophile clown Steve Valentine. All would have been hunky-dory and Dexter would have gone off with his daily life but there was a Witness - he goes by the name Shadowblog and he's threatening to expose Dexter for the Killer he is. If that wasn't enough then Dexter is slowly being labelled as a Cop Killer as three police officers are turning up dead with their faces smashed with Hammers. Is Seargent Doakes , Dexter's arch-Nemesis behind the framing of Dexter ? Will this put a dent in Dexter's family life or will his brother Brian have his back ? What will happen though when a case of Mistaken Identity leads Shadowblog to Dexter and the Children ? Will Shadowblog get what's coming to him or will Dexter find himself backed into a corner and be forced to reveal his dark secrets and The Dark Passenger and lose his family forever and swap his life to being in a Jail cell ?
Find out in the latest Dexter novel "Double Dexter" by Jeff Lindsay.


  1. It doesn't sound like the series follows the books huh? I watch the series but I've never read any of the books.

  2. I found that the first three books followed the TV Series but then it's gone off on it's own tangent.


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