Thursday, November 3, 2011

Review: Goddess of Love - PC Cast

We all know the author PC Cast from her House of Night series that she co-wrote with her daughter Kristin Cast , but PC Cast also wrote a series of her own for the adult audience titled The Goddess Summoning Series , of which I've read three of the titles previously which were Goddess of Spring, Goddess of Light and Goddess of Legend. Today's review is another book in her Goddess series titled "Goddess of Love".
Review: Goddess of Love - Book #5 Goddess Summoning Series- PC Cast- May 2011
Are you one for the Greek Mythology ? Adore all those Gods and Goddesses up on  Mount Olympus ? What about Time travelling novels ? PC Cast's Goddess Summoning series has something for everyone as it takes a modern world , everyday situation and somebody like us mere mortals and mixes it with the supernatural and fantasy of Gods and Goddesses with magical powers. In Goddess of Love we meet Pea Chamberlain , she is the director at the local community college handling all the adult education classes, she has always found herself the invisible one and when she's not being invisible , she continues to make a fool out of herself.  Over in the Land of Gods and Goddesses we meet Venus - the Goddess of Love and Vulcan - The God of Fire , these two have not felt a love connection in centuries, their marriage based on platonic friendship. When Pea decides to unlock her inner goddess , she invokes an incantation that links Venus to her aid but little does she realise that Hera - mother of Vulcan has decided to play a little matchmaking of her own and send him into the Mortal world. Pea has her eyes on one man - Griffin, the hot firefighter but what happens when it seems that Griffin has only eyes for Venus ? Enter Victor aka Vulcan, can he show Pea the love that she has yearned for and will Pea accept Vulcan for who he is ? What will happen though to the two couples when it is time to return the Gods and Goddesses back to Mount Olympus ? It is here that we will see the sacrificial element of True Love.
A wonderful book and one that as I enjoyed the past 4 books look forward to reading more in the series. Beware though that as this book is situated around the Goddess of Love there is more than it's average dose of sexual references.

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