Sunday, November 20, 2011

Review: North Star - Karly Lane

Today's book review is Australian Author Karly Lane's novel "North Star". One that features a bit of the ol' Australian outback.
Review: North Star - Karly Lane -  April 2011
Have you ever been stuck in a town and then once you are old enough , you can't wait to get rid of it ? For Kate Thurston, growing up life was difficult and she didn't have the most easiest childhood ever , spending most of her time with her grandparents . When her grandfather dies , Henry Campbell leaves Kate his estate - North Star. Kate wanting to escape her life in the city as she has just gotten out of a divorce and a marriage that is no longer perfect due to his gambling problems decides that a move back home may be just what her and her two children Liam and Georgia might need. When she arrives at North Star, it seems that it needs a whole lot of work done to it and so they begin , but it isn't long before those demons from Kate's past start to catch up with her and it becomes even more so when she starts to show feelings for the town's local police officer John. When history starts re-appearing , can Kate control what is said and done or will her family's so-called curse be past onto her ? North Star by Karly Lane is an amazing novel that presents itself not only as a family drama/saga but also a suspenseful mystery as bits and bobs from Kate's family's past is revealed. Filled with twists and turns , North Star will keep you enthralled till the very last page and I for one am interested to read what Karly will bring out next , so reader's next time your'e searching for a good read pick up North Star by Karly Lane.

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