Saturday, November 26, 2011

Review: Belonging - Robin Lee Hatcher

Every now and again , as a huge fan of Christian Fiction -I guess it's like any genre that you read - it can all start feeling like the same thing over and over again. However, within that genre their are authors that stand out and their books are like OMG you have to read :). Today's book by Robin Lee Hatcher was just that.
Review: Belonging - Where the Heart Lives Book #1 -Robin Lee Hatcher- August 2011
Reading Christian Fiction , like any genre can become a bit tiresome as it all starts to blend in together and the overall feeling of formula fiction kicks in every time you read . However, amongst all those books , there are a few authors that will bring out an amazing novel and will re-inforce and remind you why you read that genre continuously.
Belonging by Robin Lee Hatcher , the first in a new series Where the Heart Lives was one of those books that remind you why you read as it was an excellent story from the pace of the novel and the ability to capture the reader's attention as you moved swiftly from one page to the next. Belonging features a young woman named Felicia whose adopted parents have just passed and now she has been given the option to either leave and strike out on her own or marry her cousin Gunther. However, as the story goes along we can see that they never really gave her an option as she starts to receive threatening letters . As a young woman ,we read the prejudices that Felicia has to overcome as a young, unmarried woman and teacher in a world where men seemed to rule. What I loved about Belonging is that Felicia's background of being an orphan and travelling on the orphan train is weaved throughout the novel and we also read as she searches for her siblings which I hope to read the next books in the series to see if she will be reunited with her brother Hugh and sister Diana. Belonging reminded me of the novel by Kim Vogel Sawyer - My Heart Remembers.

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