Monday, November 7, 2011

Review: Buried Treasure - Mary Manners

Wanting a sweet Christian fiction to read ? Check out my review of "Buried Treasure" by Mary Manners.
Review: Buried Treasures - Mary Manners - August 2011
Every now and again, it's nice to just sit back and read a nice sweet story , a romance but one that isn't filled with sweaty sex scenes - not to say us readers don't enjoy them. However, I find the best way to tell if a book is actually worth reading and holds substance , is if it turns out to be a great romance without adding the necessary sex scene. In these types of romances, the reader thrives on the emotions of the novel and at times they can be quite raw as shown in Buried Treasures.
Buried Treasures starts off with Matt and his nephew Paul fixing up the house next door for Nora's niece Caroline to arrive , however she's a week early and the first meeting doesn't go as planned. It seems that Caroline and her daughter Callie are running away from something in Chicago ? Is it an evil ex-husband or a murderous criminal ?
As the novel continues we see Callie and Matt getting on like a house on fire , but is Caroline afraid to let her guard down around Matt and tends to push him away , when Paul after an incident with his mum turns up drunk at Caroline's house - is this the connection she needs to become closer to Matt but when tragedy strikes , can she afford to let her heart go to Matt or will it be too late to share her feelings with him ?
What Buried Treasures lie uncovered in this small community ? Will Caroline open the treasures of her heart to Matt and vice versa ?
Find out in Mary Manner's new novel "Buried Treasures".

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  1. Wow, Paula, thank you for the wonderful review. I am thrilled! I'm so glad you enjoyed Buried Treasures. Thank you for taking the time to read and review. I appreciate you!


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