Saturday, November 26, 2011

Review: Falling Apart - Jacqueline Wilson

Are you a fan of Children's and Teen's writer Jacqueline Wilson ? It seems that she is moving into a darker area of teenage fiction as this book resembled along the lines for me of novels like Go Ask Alice.
Review: Falling Apart - Jacqueline Wilson- Originally published 1989 - Reprinted 2011
As a child I grew up reading the novels of Jacqueline Wilson , she was one of my all-time favourite authors ever since I was a girl of 7yrs and read my first copy of The Suitcase Kid.  When this book arrived the other day at the library, I was like oh , a new Jacqueline Wilson and discover my surprise when I found out that it was actually written in 1989 but has just been recently reprinted with new covers. As I read this novel , it was odd to see Jacqueline Wilson target quite an edgy topic as I was used to her children's novels that do target edginess but not in the same way as Falling Apart. Falling Apart reminded me a tad of novels along the line of "Go Ask Alice" and "Lisa, Bright and Dark".
In Falling Apart , we meet Tina who has just lost her twin brother Tim and now after a series of events , she feels that she would be better off joining her other half on the other side as she just can't go on and has no use of living her miserable life. The final straw , is her boyfriend Simon dumping and breaking her heart. We read as Tina leaves a series of suicide notes behind and unfortunately failed attempt of trying to overdose on pills. Falling Apart is the story leading up to the final event - Tina trying to commit suicide. Parts of Falling Apart can be quite heavy and emotional as it plays a huge part on the grieving processes and how families can become after the loss of a loved one and a child at that.  Falling Apart is definitely written for the Teen Audiences and I would advise 15+, no younger as the content will be too much for them to understand and take in.

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