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Review: The Wicked Wives - Gus Pelagatti

Are you looking for another True Crime to add to your collection ? Love Crime fiction but prefer the real life stories ?

book cover of The Wicked Wives
Review: The Wicked Wives - Gus Pelagatti - 2011
Are you a fan of True Crime stories ? Made your way through Ann Rule's collection and is looking for a new author to discover ? Sick of hearing that it's just the men that do the killing ? In history, when it comes to murder -it is said that women tend to kill in a more subtle way like poisioning rather than chopping into little bits , though of course that's not to say women throughout history in the world of murderers haven't done that.
The Wicked Wives takes us into the heart of Philadephia in the year 1938 , a time when Gangs and Outlaws still roamed the city - flappers etc. It was a scandal of a time I tell you , a time when women who were disenchanted by their husbands - left home alone to cater for the house , cook their meals while they went out and worked and many of them had mistresses . For those women who were'nt weak minded , they were unfaithful to their husbands - figuring an eye for an eye , a tooth for a tooth as the saying goes.
In The Wicked Wives , it only took one man to set the ball rolling which sounds familiar as we look at all the crimes committed in the past - one man to lead and others follow like sheep.  Giorgio DiSipio  was a mastermind and a stunning lothario - just what these seventeen women needed - somebody who was hunky and paid attention to them , made them feel like the centre of attention . He convinced these women to kill their husbands for their insurance money and the murders were going very successful and money was rolling in until one assistant DA -Tom Rossi started to unravel the plot which as the book The Wicked Wives progress we see the wives brought to justice .
The Wicked Wives puts all of the other murderous women's tales like Eileen - Monster to shame as these women were clever , manipulative and cunning as each page turns you read and discover ways to kill your husbands.
The author Gus Pelagatti has written The Wicked wives in such a way that you feel like you are sitting there with all the evidence in front of you and you can see that his career as a lawyer has helped shape his novel to a level of perfection that you do not see in most Crime Novels - fiction and non-fiction.
I look forward to reading more True Crime by Gus Pelagatti , if he decides to spotlight any other true crime novels that occured in Philadelphia or the greater American States.
The Wicked Wives is the perfect read for any Crime Buff or Law Abiding Citizen who loves to dabble with Crime, Forensics and the Law.

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