Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Review: Darwin's Children - Natasha Larry

Wanting a new teen novel to discover ? One that includes super-abilities ?
Review: Darwin's Children - Natasha Larry- June 2011
I love reading novels about Teens with supernatural abilites as sometimes I wish I had a power , like telepathy or shape-shifting. In Darwin's Children we meet Jaycie , she is seventeen years old and has grown up around people with abilities from her Dad who is also telepathic - this reminded me a bit of Mel Gibson's character on the movie "What Women Want" to her personal trainer and live-in nanny Alison who though only looks in her thirties is actually ninety-two years old. For Jaycie, life has never been easy but at least she has been home-schooled which wasn't too bad but now with college looming ahead and her father wanting her to go to an Ivy League College , he's putting his foot down and making her go to the local high school as we read we discover Jaycie using her powers in class , cheeky but I guess when you can read minds - why not ? . What I really loved about this novel was that Natasha Larry made the character Black which is quite rare to read in these types of novels and it makes Jaycie's life a little bit harder as she is one of the only black girls at her school. It seems that Jaycie's powers are about to go haywire as she meets Matt whom she falls in love with and passion + powers = haywire. If that wasn't enough, Jaycie recieves a message from another world it seems and when a new girl turns up in her neighbourhood , something isn't adding up as we read Jaycie trying to put her finger on it. It seems that Jaycie's senior year just went from awkward to chaos. Can Jaycie keep separate her two worlds or will she find them colliding ?
Find out all this and more in Natasha Larry's new series Darwin's Children.

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