Monday, November 28, 2011

Review: A No-Fuss Christmas - Susan Kirby

As Christmas nears are you wanting a tale to warm you up and put you in the Christmas spirit ?
Something to read to your child aged 7-10yrs ?
Review: A No-Fuss Christmas - Susan Kirby- September 2010
Christmas time is nearing and to get you into the Christmas spirit, today's Children book is just for you. A No-Fuss Christmas is set in the early 1900's and features Sueker aka Susannah which means "Lily" . It seems that her parents have passed away and she is living with a new family, along with her adopted sister Maggie. Sueker loves everything about Christmas from having a tree up , to participating in the Christmas paegent as she stars as the Innkeeper to getting presents. All she wants this year is the perfect christmas present - to see her brother Razz Tucker again. It seems though that everyone is doubting that he will ever arrive but Sueker holds tight to her faith and the fact her brother never breaks a promise that he will arrive. However, when he arrives , trouble starts to brew and if Razz isn't careful -he might find himself this Christmas in a jail cell. Will this Christmas turn out just right or will it end with Disaster stamped all over it. Whatever happened to a peaceful no-fuss Christmas ?
Find out all this and more in A No-Fuss Christmas by Susan Kirby and keep an eye out for the lovely black and white sketches throughout the pages.

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