Thursday, November 3, 2011

Review: Hestia's Vacation - Megan Grooms

Wanting a steamy hot read ? Something with Greek Mythology ?
Review: Hestia's Vacation - Book #5 Love's Immortal Pantheon Series-Megan Grooms - June 2011
One of my favourite things to read in novels and something that has always appealed to me is Classic Mythology , all about the Greek Gods and Goddesses . I love their tales , discovering the different gods - ones that I didn't know existed as history tends to only focus on the main ones like Zeus, Venus, Posiedon etc. The fifth book in the Love's Immortal Pantheon features the Goddess Hestia, who is Zeus's sister. She is the Goddess of Hearth and Home , she has vowed never to fall in love with a man as to her love can only bring misery and is something that can be sparked for a short while. Zeus , not liking to see his sister upset -plans for her to take a Vacation down to earth in one of Poseidon's beach houses. Here Zeus has set up a mortal Nicholas to help and assist Hestia when needed. Desperate not to fall in love , Hestia as we read the novel tries so very hard to hold back her feelings for Nicholas but alas Seduction and Sex takes place - there are some hot and sticky spots in the novel. We see Hestia starting to fall for Nicholas but when it's time to leave and return to her home at Mount Olympus, can Hestia say goodbye to Nicholas or will it tear her heart apart ? Can Hestia confront Zeus about Nicholas and go in front of the Gods to make him immortal ? Will the Gods and Goddesses accept the choice for Love ?
Find out in Hestia's Vacation , a vacation that she will never forget as she opens her heart, body, mind and soul to new possibilities and the choice of Love.

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