Monday, November 21, 2011

Review: The Wedding Letters - Jason F Wright

Weddings are a special event and traditions are and can be even better , especially if you are like me and sentimental when it comes to these type of things. Here is an amazing Christian novel that brings out the ooh's and aah's in us all and will sparkle the pages with romance in an emotional ride.
Review: The Wedding Letters - Book #2 Letters Series -Jason.F.Wright-September 2011
I'm the type of girl who is a romantic at heart , when people talk about the time periods they would have loved to live in - I always say the Reinassance as I love everything from not only the costumes but mainly the poetry, creativeness , mannerisms - the fact that they wrote love letters to each other. It just makes you want to sit there and sigh and wish that you had somebody like that in your life.
The Wedding Letters is a book that I loved to pieces and if you are a fan of Nicholas Spark's novels or James Patterson's romance stories , then you too will fall in love with Jason . F. Wright's The Wedding Letters. The tale starts with a road accident where Noah hits Rachel. For Noah, the meeting is love at first sight but Rachel has her reservations , soon the pair are dating and throughout triumphs and troubles the pair eventually become engaged. The novel revolves around a family tradition called "The Wedding Letters" in which family, friends etc write the pair letters giving their congratulations and happiness , advice and tips on marriage and ancedotes of past marriages and love tales.
As the countdown starts towards the wedding , we discover things may not be all correct with Rachel's past as when her mother arrives , tales of Rachel's childhood are revealed . Will the startling revealation be enough to put Rachel off getting married or will she realise that the Cooper family is strong and supportive and that Noah loves her no matter what :).
This is truly a romantic , soppy in parts love story that will have your heart filled with not only joy but also sadness and definitely a read for Nicholas Sparks fans.

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