Monday, November 28, 2011

Review: Bloodlines - Richelle Mead

Have you read and completed the Vampire Academy series by Richelle Mead ? Wanting a new book by her to try ? Check out Bloodlines , Book #1 in a new spin-off series that features many of the old and some new faces of Vampire Academy series.
Review: Bloodlines - Book #1 Bloodlines Series- Richelle Mead- August 2011
Were you one of the few that were sad to see the Vampire Academy books finish ? Sad, that you would never see Rose, Adrian , Dmitri, Sydney etc on a written page again? Never Fear though Vampire Academy fans , as author Richelle Mead has not left us wondering as she has written a spin-off type series focusing on The Alchemists and one in particular who got alot of face-time in the Vampire Academy series Sydney Sage. After the last book of the Vampire Academy series , we read as Sydney was found to be too close to the Vampires and exiled and ridiculed in the world of the Alchemists as to them Vampires and Dhampirs are abominations to the world and to humans. When an teenage girl Alchemist is required , it makes sense that they would stop at the Sage's family home and request Zoe Sage , Sydney's younger sister -though she has not had the training to deal with situations and Sydney , not wanting this life for her sister - stands up to take her place and sees this also has a last resort to redeeming herself and an opportunity to see old friends as when she arrives at the destination she is reunited with Rose , Eddie, Adrian , Jill and of course Abe - who as we learn has Sydney has his own Alchemist due to a revenge pact that was made. It seems that Jill's life as a princess royalty is in danger and they need to hold her somewhere safe and sound. Eddie, Jill and Sydney go undercover as Siblings and enroll in Amberwood Prep , though it seems something more sinister is happening when students start displaying similar tattoos to Sydney's alchemist mark and these tattoos are giving them fast-fix abilities. When Moroi are being found killed and these tattoos becoming more popular, it seems that Sydney and her friends may have another task at hand as it seems that the vampire killings , tattoos may be connected to a rogue Alchemist.
Find out more in this fast paced novel Bloodlines and stay tuned as once you put it down, you will be like me and holding out for the sequel "The Golden Lily".

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