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Review: Sticks and Stones - Ilsa Evans

Technically it's not Australian author month , but I found it hard to find the perfect picture to represent those across the ditch authors out there. So why not , every time I read an Aussie Book - let it be Aussie Author Time :). So Today readers, I bring you a book from Australian author Ilsa Evans .

Review: Sticks and Stones - Ilsa Evans - September 2010
"Sticks and stones may break my bones, but words will never hurt me.
"What a ridiculous saying."
Jenny nodded. "Bruises heal, eventually, but the words – they're there forever."
"Actually the words are like sticks and stones," said Fiona quietly. "Sharp and spiky and painful. Like little missiles."
Sticks and Stones by Ilsa Evans unlike her normal Chick-Lit style books , follows as a sequel to Broken (which I have not yet read) but from reading Sticks and Stones, I was able to grasp exactly what went on in the first book. In Sticks and Stones, it is six years later and Mattie Hampson is living as Madeline McCourt and her two children Max and Courtney have changed their names to Sam and Ashley. Maddie has decided that after six years being on the run from her husband Jake, she is safe and can finally lower her guard but little does she realise that Jake has found them and he's back and wants Maddie to pay for what she did and he's not leaving until he has his children and she is dead . What follows, is a battle for her children as Jake seems to have everyone wrapped around his little fingers and if she isn't careful - the courts may play in his favour. What follows next is a sad and frightening tale of an abusive father and how he plays the system for his nasty game of revenge, the content in this book can be pretty graphic and if abuse etc is not soemthing that you can handle, then unfortunately this tale is not for you. For me as parts of it had personal connections , I could relate sort of to the novel. In parts Sticks and Stones , will have you tearing as Jake gets away with hurting Maddie and the children. What will it take for Maddie to stop Jake ? Will one of their family have to die first for the abuse to stop?
Find out all this and more in this heart-wrenching novel and tale of abuse , that for more than most will hit closer to home than some will realise.
You do not have to read the first novel , in order to understand Sticks and Stones but if you like then feel free to check out Broken by Ilsa Evans.

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  1. Thank-you for the lovely review - (very!) much appreciated. Although I am sorry to hear that there were some personal connections with the subject matter. Regards, Ilsa Evans


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