Monday, November 7, 2011

Review : Exposure - Therese Fowler

Every now and again I get a book to review which is hard to place into a category, today's book I have placed in Teen/YA Fiction but it is the ideal read for the later YA Audience and early Adult readers.  It is a dramatic novel , one that in ways will tear you apart and get you thinking .

Review: Exposure - Therese Fowler - 2011
They say that Love is a madness , it can get us feeling all sorts and to the point where if it is forbidden-the urge to hide it from the world , though of course as we are about to learn in Exposure by Therese Fowler and as we hear in reality - hiding love is not the way to go about things as it always seems to come back and bite you on the bottom and the consequences can range from a little thing to a gigantic thing which will tear lives apart.
In Therese Fowler's novel Exposure , it was just that a tale of Forbidden Love between Amelia and Anthony.  Amelia's father Harlan is strict and forbides her to date but of course that doesn't stop Amelia as we discover in the novel that her and Anthony have been carrying on a secret romance for a while now and the only other person who knows the secret is Anthony's mother and a teacher at their local high school Kim Winter. As they say computers and cellphones can become dangerous things as parent's don't know what go on , it is a case of this as Harlan discovers naked photos of Anthony on his daughter's computer. Outraged at this , Harlan calls in favours from his mates and connections in the Law world and Anthony ends up arrested. What follows next will be a case of Amelia trying to proclaim Anthony's innoncence , a look at her cellphone and computer records as the words "sexting" are brought up in the novel and a forbidden love affair spiralled out of control as Anthony is charged for a crime he didn't commit - the only thing he is guilty of is sharing his love and heart with Amelia. Read as the backlash of the community hit hard on Anthony and his mother Kim . Can Amelia prove his innocence or will she act innocently and take her father's side.
Exposure is like a Romeo and Juliet tale in the modern world of technology - computers and cellphones.
Exposure is the perfect read for those who love Jodi Picoult's , Diane Chamberlain's , Kristin Hannah's and Barbara Delinskey's novels.

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