Review: Shattered - A Daughter's Regret - Melody Carlson

Are you a Melody Carlson Fan ? Wanting a new series to read ? Finished the On The Runway Series, featuring the Foster Sisters.
Check  out her new series "Secrets", the series that us more True Colours than Carter House.
Review: Shattered - A Daughter's Secret - Book #2 Secrets Series - Melody Carlson-2011
If you have read Melody Carlson's True Colors series and her Degrees of Guilt series , you will know and be well aware that she reaches into the areas of life that many authors fear to enter and what I love about Melody Carlson is that even though she reaches into these dark pockets of content that many see as taboo , she writes from a Christian perspective and targets the edgy content so well.
In her new series "Secrets" we read Book #2 Shattered - A Daughter's regret . Cleo is almost 18years old and about to leave home , though if her mother has anything to do with it - it seems that she may be stuck at home under her mother's supervision for the rest of her life. When Cleo is given the chance to spend the night at a concert in the city with her friend Lola whose about to move away, Cleo thinks that maybe this time will be the opportunity for her mum to let go and allow Cleo to spread her wings. That opportunity doesn't arise , so Cleo and Lola sneak out to the concert in the city and plan to catch the bus home. Next morning though, Cleo recieves a knock at the door and two burly policeman are standing there - Cleo's mum has been murdered. As the story goes along we discover that Cleo's mum Karen had headed to the ciry looking for the girls and was caught up in the wrong place, wrong time scenario. As the novel goes along further, we read as Cleo is struggling with the pain and guilt that she feels and begins to be hooked on painkillers , soon that addiction moves towards drugs . Can Cleo get the help she needs or will the pain and guilt consume her before it's too late and she too will end up in a plot next to her mother six feet under ?
Shattered is a great read for all teens and especially those who are wanting more along the lines of True Colors and Degrees of Guilt rather than On the Runway and the Carter House Girls.


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