Thursday, November 3, 2011

Review: Pursured - Lillian Duncan

Wanting a Christian read , one that has acquired the tagline of Faith mixed with Murder and Mayhem  ?
Review: Pursured - Lillian Duncan - July 2011
Wanting an Edgy Christian Fiction ? One that combines Faith, Murder and Mayhem together ? In Pursured, we meet Reggie aka Regina , she is a lawyer at Benton Associates and it seems that her day is about to get really bad as she loses the account for the Lightning Bolt over a spelling grammar error because of course - the person she had signing the contract was an ex- English Teacher. It shows readers , that English is so important nowadays no matter what you do or career you pursue. Fast forward to the Airport scene, grabbing her luggage she bumps into someone and lands with a bruise on her head - Can her day get any worse ? Unfortunately for Reggie , the day is just starting as at the end of the novel , you'll be thinking "Boy , how can anyone live through what she's been through". Driving home, she ends up in a Car Crash and then when she finally arrives home , her place is trashed from bottom to top . It seems that Fate is definitely not allowing Reggie any free passes today. Enter Dylan, her knight in Farming gear - We read as Dylan takes Reggie under his wing and helps her but soon he too will find himself caught in a track of mayhem as it seems somebody is content in Reggie being terminated. As the novel goes along, we discover that Reggie was adopted and that all the bad things happening have something to do with her borth parents ? Can Reggie locate her birth parents and discover what the Heaven is going on before it's too late and she finds herself six feet under ? Will Dylan and Reggie end up together as we discover Bobbie Jo has more than the hots for Dylan and she won't let anyone near "HER" man ?
Find out in Pursured by Lillian Duncan and discover whether The Lawyer lives and wins her own Farmer.
A Christian ECF with City Girl Meets Country Boy by author Lillian Duncan.

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