Monday, December 11, 2017

Review: Dating You/ Hating You - Christina Lauren

Dating You / Hating You

Review: Dating You/ Hating You - Christina Lauren - June 2016

I have had this book sitting on my bookshelf to read for a couple of months and kept um and aahing about it as I felt I wasn't in the right frame of mind to read it.  I finally thought just do it as the Nike logo suggests. I started, and I managed to finish it, I have to admit I did struggle a little with the book as I hate in books when the characters play games with one another. In Dating You/Hating You at least we know what to expect from the title which is probably why I had been putting it off, to be honest. Arriving at a couples party and being the only single can be awkward especially when everyone else is in couples costume, so it could be fate when Carter and Evie both turn up to the party wearing matching outfits as Harry Potter and Hermoine , the other thing is they are the only two singles at the party as Evie's best friend Daryl who is likened to Daryl Hannah cancels on her last minute. They are both in the Hollywood agency business and work for opposing teams, it is a hard enough job in the first place, and Evie has a rule against dating other agents. What will happen though when she feels like changing her mind, only to find out that Carter's company and hers are about to merge and they are both competing for the same job as the only one can stay here, the other will be shipped off to another state's office. What then begins is a Love/Hate relationship from moments of working together and enjoying their friendship and blooming romances to hating one another and playing pranks and sabotaging the other. I did like the ending and how things worked out, so that made reading the story worthwhile in the end.

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