Monday, December 4, 2017

Review: One S'more Summer - Beth Merlin

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One S'more Summer (The Campfire Series, #1)
Review: One S'more Summer - Book #1 The Campfire Series - Beth Merlin - May 2017
Gigi and her best friend Alicia met when they were nine at Summer Camp in Chinooka twenty years ago. During their time at camp, they also made a new friend Joshua. The three of them became inseparable but as they got older Alicia and Joshua became a couple and Gigi - the third wheel. Years later Alicia and Joshua have recently announced their engagement, and Gigi wants to be happy for them, but how can she be when she is still in love with Joshua. During Alicia and Joshua's break, Gigi and Joshua slept together and had a fling, but of course, as always Joshua went back to Alicia. Now that the wedding is coming up and Gigi has no career after a failed stint working for a fashion designer after her receiving Runner-Up on a fashion reality show called Top Designer. Her options are nil, so she decides to go where she was always at her happiest - back to Camp Chinooka. This summer, Gigi will be Head Counsellor for Cedar Girls. During her time at Camp Chinooka, she has a love/hate relationship with fellow Head Counsellor Perry Gilman - head of Birch Boys.  They will both discover that Summer Camp can be not only a place to hide away and not confront your fears but that it can also help you to grow and move forward with life when you find that One perfect summer or person.  Will this Summer be the one for Gigi to help get her life back on track? Find out in One S'more Summer by Beth Merlin.

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