Tuesday, December 26, 2017

Review: I Knocked Him Out - Jessica Frances

I Knocked Him Out (Love at First Crime, #2)

Review: I Knocked Him Out - Book #2 Love at First Crime - Jessica Frances - October 2017
Though this series doesn't need to be read in order as I discovered after reading Book#3 that though each one is stand-alone and features a different couple.  Each book has the same cast throughout the series. The majority of the main characters all work at the same firm JPI Jameson Private Investigations. In this book, we read the beginnings and developments in the relationship between Sasha and Declan. Growing up they belonged to the same group of friends. However, Declan always was an ass to Sasha and treated her differently because her family had money. As they got older, they couldn't be in the same room without arguing or Declan picking a fight with her. That all changed though when he snuck up on her during one of her boxing lessons, and she bumped him so hard that she knocked him out. From then, the pair starts to see each other in a different light, as she probably knocked some sense into him. However, the start of their relationship won't be an easy one as Sasha has once again attracted the likes of a stalker and if she thought the one she had in college was bad, this new one is taking things to a whole new level including blowing up the JPI offices. If you want a good edgy contemporary romance with a suspense element, then check out I Knocked Him Out by Jessica Frances.

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