Saturday, December 9, 2017

Review: Finding Chris Evans - The Royal Edition - Jennifer Chance

Finding Chris Evans: The Royal Edition

Review: Finding Chris Evans - Royal Edition - Book #4 - Jennifer Chance - Octonber 2016
When Ellie visited a fortune teller, she unleashed a love fortune wherein a small town there would be six Chris Evans, and one would be her true love, and the others would also find their one true loves. In Finding Chris Evans - Royal Edition, Ellie has pushed LeAnn into the arms of Chris Evans who is currently staying at her smalltown Inn. This Chris Evans happens to be someone else though, and Chris Evans is his pseudonym. Cristopoulis Matretti happens to be not only an International Soccer Star but also a Prince of a small European country. He was sent to hide out in Minnesota as he caused a bit of controversy back in his home country. During his stay at the Inn though he finds himself wanting to spend more and more time around LeAnn and when it's time for him to return home, he is torn as he has discovered that LeeAnn is his "the one." Can he talk LeeAnn into coming to visit his hometown and traveling with him, especially if it means she will have to sell the Inn which her grandfather started and belonged to her father? Will LeeAnn finally be able to live her dream of traveling abroad and this time with the one she loves ? Find out in this sweet romance series Finding Chris Evans - Royal Edition. Perfect for all those who love the Cinderella type stories where the everyday female falls in love with a Prince.

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