Monday, December 4, 2017

Review: Pretty Dead Girls - Monica Murphy

Pretty Dead Girls

Review: Pretty Dead Girls - Monica Murphy - January 2018
I had read several romance books during the past week and felt it was time for something different and wanted a mystery novel and some murder. I picked up one before this and couldn't get into it and then I remembered that I had Monica Murphy's new one - Pretty Dead Girls. I had been looking forward to this book. Pretty Dead Girls starts off with one of the popular girls Gretchen meeting someone in secret and the encounter ends up with Gretchen dead. The next day, the school are alerted, and Penny who is the President of a society called The Larks made of the school's popular girls is questioned as Gretchen was one of the Larks.  One down and four more to go as someone is killing off the Seniors in the group The Larks. At first, I thought that the killer was a guy and had one in mind, but then we have a chapter in the killer's perspective where she compared herself to Dexter by being a Female Dexter- bringing justice to all those who were ever bullied in school. Pretty Dead Girls is set in High School and is a YA novel. I have to admit when the killer was revealed, I had a little feeling of who it was, but Pretty Dead Girls is filled with twists and turns that keep you on your toes trying to decipher who is innocent and who is not.  If you love mysteries and YA novels, then check out Pretty Dead Girls by Monica Murphy coming soon to a Kindle near you in January 2018.


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