Monday, December 11, 2017

Review: Missing Heiress - Marti Talbott

Missing Heiress (A Jackie Harlan Mystery Book 2)

Review: Missing Heiress - Book #2 Jackie Harlan Mystery - Marti Talbott - November 2013

Nicholas Gladstone has passed away and with his passing comes his estate which totals to about USD 1.6 Million. In his will reading, he has left the whole estate to his granddaughter Georgia James. The thing is though that nobody can find her and it is like she doesn't exist. Now his daughter and her con-artist husband are contesting the will and saying that there is no daughter. It is up to Austin who looked up to Nicholas like a father to find the missing heiress and he now only has two weeks to find her otherwise the judge is going to rule in favor which will not have a great outcome. Austin has hired the assistance of Jackie Harlan and her company to track down Georgia James. They have three options - we have a Georgia James who died in a car crash , The new maid who has been hired to clean Laura's house and knows more about the family that she is leading on and finally the mysterious Maggie - a common and struggling worker who is hanging on by a thread in her job as her boss Nicole likes to fire someone daily for no apparent reason.  Can Jackie find the mysterious heiress? I have to say I quite enjoyed this book as wasn't too sure what to expect at first. I do love my mysteries and the whole idea of a missing heiress or searching for someone with not much to go on as always fascinated me. I am also glad that Laura's husband got what was coming to him as hated him from the get-go. If you are looking for a new author to discover, check out Marti Talbott and her Jackie Harlan Mysteries series.

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