Review: Heat - Opal Carew

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Review: Heat - Opal Carew - June 2017

Rikki was in love with Jesse and had planned to give him her all until he died three weeks before her 18th birthday. Needing a fresh start, Rikki packed up and moved away, and with the help of her college buddy Cassie found a place to live and was able to work using her passion for photography. Cassie has a job and thinks that Rikki is perfect for it - she needs a photographer for the firefighter calendar. Rikki is reluctant at first as Jesse was a firefighter. Before her first meet, Rikki goes out with her new roommates to a bar. It is at the bar that she captures the attention of not one but two guys Simon and Carter. Rikki feels instant attraction with the both of them and starts to step out of her comfort zone. However, though she is happy to give herself to both of them. They are nice guys and don't want to take advantage of her. She heads home feeling a tad embarrassed. The next day though she will discover that they are both firefighters. The one type of guy she was hoping to avoid as she can't put herself through the same hurt she felt when she lost Jesse. Can Simon and Carter persuade Rikki to give them a chance? What happens though when she starts to get cozy with them and then tragedy happens, and she nearly loses one of the pairs? Will this cause Rikki to withdraw and put her walls back up or will they show her that no matter what happens, she will never lose them and that through their job comes with risks, sometimes in life, we all need to take risks, and sometimes the risks are worth everything in the long run?
Find out in this threesome M/F/M novel by Opal Carew.


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