Wednesday, December 6, 2017

VBT# S'more to Lose - Beth Merlin

S'more to Lose (The Campfire Series, #2)

Review: S'more to Lose - Book #2 The Campfire Series - Beth Merlin - December 2017

Set four years after the first book finished and we learn that unfortunately the romance between Perry and Gigi has ended and things seemed so positive for them. It looks like their careers got in the way of their lives as Gigi and Jamie created their fashion line and is currently in the bid to win the Princess's Wedding dresses. Perry is a big star on Broadway now, and in London, like his play, Elizabeth 1 has taken the world of theatre by storm. Gigi has avoided everything to do with Perry and never thought their lives would ever cross paths but seems Perry's new love interest is the sister of the current Princess. Gigi has captured the attention of another royal in the form of Viscount Slattery aka Gideon. What will happen though when she and Perry start to spend time together? Will their emotions and chemistry start sizzling for one another making both their current relationships sit on rocky ground? Once again we find Gigi losing her mind and running back to her one safe space in the world - Camp Chinooka. Will this help her find herself and her inspiration? I have to admit I didn't like the ending of this book as the tables turned and Gigi was made to look like the bad person and none of her friends especially Jamie came to her side. I was very disappointed in Jamie as I thought that he would stand by her side as she knew about Perry and their history together. After the way this particular one ended, I am in two minds about starting number three when it is released.

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