Thursday, December 7, 2017

VBT# - Delayed Departure - Abigail Drake

Delayed Departure (Passports and Promises, #2)

Review: Delayed Departure - Book #2 Passports and Promises - Abigail Drake - August 2017

Though this is Book #2 in the Passport and Promises series, it can be read as a standalone novel as it is about a different character than Book #1. In Book #2 Bethany is in a relationship with Greg which we later discover is a fake relationship. They were supposed to go to Turkey this summer together and experience life until Greg chucked a wrench in the plans and headed off on an internship in New York. Bethany went alone, and it is here that she starts a hate at first sight relationship with Adam - an Australian T.A on the trip. No matter what Bethany does, he finds a way to pick or make her feel stupid. The thing is though that he doesn't know her and vice versa. As the trip goes on, we are given a more insight look into the relationship and friendship of Greg and Bethany and the arrangement that they have going, we also read as her relationship moves into a love/hate one with Adam. What will happen though when Bethany decides to be with Adam but feels conflicted as she promised to Greg years ago to protect him until he comes of age with his trust fund? What started off as just a trip around Turkey for Bethany will begin the start of finding her path in life and breaking free from the restraints of her friends and family back home and finding a potential love interest and creating new memories.

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