Tuesday, December 26, 2017

Review: Christmas with the Billionaire - Lila Monroe

Christmas with the Billionaire (Lucky in Love, #6)

Review: Christmas with the Billionaire - Book #6 Lucky in Love Series - Lila Monroe - November 2017

Jill is a struggling actress and in her early 30's though she could pass for 25. She is getting to that stage where she is now considered "old" in acting years, and if she isn't careful, they will start casting her to play the roles of grandmothers. That is unless she can get a break in this industry. Jill is called back to audition to play the lead role Sara in Serendipity but her audition begins, and she is told "Next." This leads to a passionate blow-out where she calls out the casting directors as they did not once look up during her audition. She leaves and then that night is called to do a sing/dance catering gig at a Christmas Party. It is at this Christmas party that she catches sight of Oliver who is one of the directors of Serendipity. The night is over, and she is catching the train home, and she is one of two passengers, the second turns out to be Oliver. One thing leads to another as the train stops due to snow build-up and with no way to get home Oliver offers her a place to stay for the night. What she doesn't know is that Oliver is taking her to his family home and of course it's Christmas time. The pair starts this fake romance which later becomes slightly real, and then Jill gets the role of Sara. Will she take the role though or will she turn it down as it now looks like she only got the role as she slept with one of the directors. Can Oliver prove to Jill that he played no part in the casting and that he didn't find out about her getting the role till after she was delivered the news? Will Jill this Christmas get not only the part of her dreams but also find herself Lucky in Love with Oliver by her side? Find out in Lila Monroe's new Christmas romance - Christmas with the Billionaire.

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