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Review: Stealing Harper - Molly McAdams

Stealing Harper (Taking Chances, #1.5)

Review : Stealing Harper - Book #1.5 Taking Chances Series - Molly McAdams - May 2013
I was in the mood for a bit of angst, and I had been lately in a book funk, so I figured why not read Molly McAdams -Stealing Harper as I knew I would enjoy it and want to continue reading it. So I started at. First, I was trying to remember what happened in Taking Chances as of course it's been years since I had read that book. In fact, it was my second book I had read from Molly McAdams and seems like light years ago now. Of course, as I was reading Stealing Harper it all came rushing back, and then I hit the point on whether I should continue with this book as of course seeing as it was from Chase's POV - the story only had one way to end, and it was not an HEA ending for all those who remember what happened in Taking Chances.  Stealing Harper is Chase's POV and we see his story from the first meeting of Harper - the girl with the gray eyes and how she consumed him so much that she became his whole world and would do anything to get her and then of course when he did, things were still rocky, and they weren't a perfect relationship around . In fact, Chase felt more destructive with her as he did without her. Also, I got to hate Trish all over again in Stealing Harper - I still blame her for the way Chase's life ended.
Stealing Harper should only be read by those who have read Taking Chances first as otherwise, it will spoil the ending.

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