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Review: The Rules According to Gracie - Stefanie London

The Rules According to Gracie (Behind the Bar, #1)

Review: The Rules According to Gracie - Stefanie London - January 2015

After Gracie's dad died, she made him a promise that she would keep her mother happy and so she has dated guy after guy trying to find Mr. Right. The problem though is that her version of Mr. Right is the Mr.Right that would make her mother happy but not her. Like most things in Gracie's life, she has a checklist and after her first love broke up with her as he couldn't put up with her families demands. That way her Mr. Right will tick all the right boxes from job security, financial and comes from good stock and standing. Gracie has a favorite bar for her first dates too. First is owned by Des Chapman and he has his eyes set on Gracie. After being dumped by his fiancee for not being rich or proper enough, Des committed not to date until he found the right one as he is not going to make the same mistake and get hurt all over again. What will happen though when one thing leads to another and Des and Gracie end up having a fabulous one night stand? Des wants more, but Gracie can't accept Des into her families life as he is all wrong for her and goes against her whole checklist except for the fact that he makes her feel things and she wants him. How though can Gracie make herself happy and keep the promise she made to her Dad when her ideal guy is the complete opposite of what her mother wants for her.  Can Des prove to Gracie that he loves her and is in for the long haul and would never leave her? Can Des win over Gracie's mother and finally get his girl of his dreams? 
Find out in this contemporary and fast-paced romance "The Rules According to Gracie" by Stefanie London.

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