Thursday, December 21, 2017

Review: Dare - Erin Lee and Sara Schoen


Review: Dare - Erin Lee and Sara Schoen - December 2017
I wasn't 100% sure what to expect when I picked up Dare by Erin Lee and Sara Schoen. I have to admit though I was excited though for this book as I love and enjoyed previous books by both of these authors. Dare started with Amber hanging out with her friend Cassie, and they are talking about how Amber is moving in finally and engaged to her college boyfriend, Reese. To Amber - Reese is her Mr. Perfect. The thing though Reese is anything but and someone wants Amber to know the truth and will stop at nothing to see her destroyed. You see Reese is a cheater and has been dating and sleeping with Cassie on the side for years. The day before Reese was due to come back; he was kidnapped. Amber receives an unknown message letting her know that Reese has been kidnapped and that if she wants him back and alive, then she has to play a game of Truth Or Dare. So begins a texting game of truth or dare which will reveal truths that Amber's friends were all hiding. What will happen when the final truth is revealed? Will Amber take Reese back or will she discover that someone else was her Mr. Right all along? This was a slow read in some places and was filled with lots of twists and turns that in places were a bit complex for the story but eventually, everything fell into its rightful place. If you want an NA Horror/ Psychological thriller to read, then check out Erin Lee and Sara Schoen's new release "Dare." Are you brave enough to enter a game of Truth or Dare? Find out in Dare.

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