Friday, December 29, 2017

YA Readers Debut Author Bash 2017 : Kristen Orlando

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You Don't Know My Name (The Black Angel Chronicles #1)

Review: You Don't Know My Name - Book#1 The Black Angel Chronicles - Kristen Orlando - January 2017
Every couple of years Reagan and her family move from place to place, and they are constantly changing their identities. Her parents are part of a secret spy agency called The Black Angel. They are the group of people who are called in to help save the situations when the CIA or FBI can't help. The Black Angel is the top of the spy world, and for Reagan, it is common knowledge that she has been trained since birth to take her parent's place and join the agency. She is the poster child for the agency. What happens though when Reagan finally has good friends, a boyfriend and decides that maybe the spy life isn't for her and she wants to head to college and experience a normal life. The type of life with a picket fence, a husband, and two kids. What will happen though when her parents head away on a mission, and the mission goes wrong? Now to save her parents from danger, Reagan must hop into the life of The Black Angels and head to save her parents, and in doing so, she will discover just what it is like living in her parent's shoes and that this was the reason they protected her. If you are in the mood for an adventure packed teen novel with spies and bad guys and special ops, then check out Kristen Orlando's book #1 "You Don't Know My Name.

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