Saturday, December 9, 2017

Review: Follow Me - Sara Shepard

Follow Me (The Amateurs, #2)

Review: Follow Me - Book #2 The Amateurs - Sara Shepard - November 2017
You know how sometimes you can't wait for a book to come and then when it does you pick it up as you have high hopes that you will love it. That's what happened with Follow Me by Sara Shepard as I normally am a big fan of her books. However, I felt a little letdown with Follow Me which is a shame as I really wanted to love it. Book #1 finished on a major cliffie with the reveal that Brett wasn't really Brett and in fact he was the same killer who killed Helena and Seneca's mother. In Book #2 a new girl has been kidnapped Chelsea and she shares a striking resemblance to Helena and the kidnapping is Brett's MO. The Amateurs group are sent clues from Brett and with the motivation to track him down and also save Chelsea , they come back together. Brett though has other plans up his sleeve and will send the group on a wild goose chase and prove to them that he is always one step ahead and is smarter than everyone and that he is unstoppable. I personally found Follow Me a bit slower than I am used to with the pace of YA Mysteries. The ending however had me gasping and going OMG into what's going to happen next and Yes, that means readers I will be giving the next book in The Amateurs series a go so even though this book was slower and not as great as I had expected , Sara Shepard has done her job by hooking me with the cliffhanger and making me want to read Book #3.

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