Wednesday, December 27, 2017

Review: Game of Shadows - Amanda K. Byrne

Game of Shadows (Game of Shadows #1)

Review: Game of Shadows - Book #1 Game of Shadows Series - Amanda K. Byrne - July 2016

Cass Turner was brought up as an assassin as it is her family's business. Her grandfather was one, her father was one and being the only child - it was her duty to join the family business. The thing though is that Cass couldn't separate her emotions from the job, no matter how much she tried. Her last job eleven months ago hit her hard. Cass decided to try her hand away from the business and find her place in the world. Until recently when she accepted a job to kill Nick Kostova. Things though didn't go to plan, and it was an ambush. Now Nick has tracked Cass down, and they both seem to have become the hunted. Can Cass and Nick survive to discover who wants them dead and why? Is it someone from Nick's family and is the beef against Nick or was it revenge for someone Cass killed in the past? To survive Nick and Cass must now join forces which would be great if they could both keep their emotions at the door but now that they have feelings for one another starting to develop, things are headed towards the messy side of life. If you love Assassin novels,  New Adult Spies, and adventure, then check out Game of Shadows by Amanda K. Byrne. This is The Godfather - Next Generation style as it's move over parents as the young ones are leading the show. Game of Shadows ended on a small cliffhanger and is part of a trilogy that I am looking forward to continuing.

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