Saturday, December 30, 2017

Review: He Found Me - Whitney Barbetti

He Found Me (He Found Me, #1)

Review: He Found Me - Book #1 He Found Me Series - Whitney Barbetti - May 2014
After Cora Mitchell's mum died, she was left with her stepfather aka The Monster. During her time with him, she encountered a lot of abuse and domestic violence. One night she had, had enough and planned along with Six's help to escape her life. All went to plan and Six after having her hiding for six months, sent her to live with a close friend and someone he trusted Rosa. Cora is now living as Andra Walker and living with Rosa on the ranch. She loves it there and is finally starting to feel at peace. A mystery author JJ Walker has come to stay at the ranch. During his stay, he starts to woo Andra and eventually wears her down to accept a date with him. As the pair get closer, Andra starts to let down her guard. Then trouble strikes as it looks like the Monster is close to finding her. What happens though when JJ Walker one night calls Andra by her real name? How does he know who she is and has he led the Monster to her doorstep? Can Andra be saved from the Monster or has her time hiding finally come to an end? Find out In Book #1 He Found Me by Whitney Barbetti. Book #1 does end on a small cliffhanger which leaves readers hoping for a happier outcome in Book #2 He Saved Me.  He Found Me was an edgy romance that does deal with domestic violence , runaways and starting fresh.

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