Thursday, December 21, 2017

Review : I Burned Down His House - Jessica Frances

I Burned Down His House (Love at First Crime, #3)

Review: I Burned Down His House - Book #3 Love at First Crime - Jessica Frances - November 2017

Teagan is in love with her next-door neighbor Joey Kim. She has never made a move though as he seems always to have a different woman leaving his apartment and after she was burned by her ex-husband Jarrod and best friend Natasha, she has found it hard to trust and date again. She does, however, does him little favors like tend to his dog Karma. One night, Karma is barking away, and Teagan figures that she is hungry.  Teagan lets herself in and notices that Joey's place is a mess and freezing. So she decides to light a match, but as she is holding the match Karma knocks her over, and Teagan finds herself accidentally burning down Joey's house. This leads to her in a police interrogation room calling Joey who then moves into her spare bedroom. As Teagan and Joey get to know each other a bit more, they find themselves enjoying each other's company and the possibility of moving to the next step. The problem though is that Joey works for a P.I company who is busy trying to nail Hart Clayton who lives across the road from Teagan and to make things more complicated he has his eyes on Teagan and wants her for his wife. From one little innocent accident, Teagan will find herself embroiled in the midst of two dangerous men - one trying to protect her and the other wanting her for his criminal wiles. I found myself enjoying this book more than I had originally thought I would as I loved the character of Teagan. I am now looking forward to reading the other books in the Love at First Crime series as I do have Books 1,2 and 4 to read and yes, this is another series I managed to read out of order. The good thing though is that each book in the Love at First Crime series can be read as a stand-alone novel.

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