Review: Tempting Fate - Brinda Berry

Tempting Fate (Serendipity, #2)

Review: Tempting Fate - Book #2 Serendipity Novel - Brinda Berry - October 2014
Fate has a funny way of putting people together. For Collin, who hasn't been exactly Mr. Sunshine after the girl Raquel he was going to marry cheated on him - this day will be one of his worst but also the start of something amazing. This morning on his way to work, Colin was hit from behind and his car damaged. He got out and wanted to call the cops, but the girl Veronica was shaken and wanted no cops involved. He let it go reluctantly after she sped away. Later he saw her on the side of the road hitchhiking and fearing a storm coming on, he picks her up and takes her to the nearest bus station. One thing leads to another, and it's clear she has nowhere to go, so Collin being the "nice guy" takes her to his house where he lives with two friends and offers her a place to stay.  Veronica is running away from an abusive ex who has threatened her family and if she's not careful - her life may be in danger. During her time, Collin introduces Veronica to Mal and Ace ( from the first book), and soon the three of them welcome Veronica into their circle of friends.  Can Veronica see herself staying here long-term? What will happen though when her ex, nicknamed Satan tracks her down and tells her Gunner is in trouble? Veronica must head home to confront her past and save her brother, what if it's a trap though and Veronica is walking into her own grave? Can Collin save Veronica and prove to her that he loves her and wants to care for her and that she no longer has to worry about her ex? Find out in Tempting Fate by Brinda Berry. A New Adult Romance with a touch of edgy as it does involve domestic abuse violence.


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