Wednesday, December 27, 2017

Review: Losing Grip - Mercy Amare

Losing Grip

Review: Losing Grip - Book #1 New Haven Academy Series - Mercy Amare - December 2014

I was in the mood today for a boarding school read, and this book reminded me of Scarlett Haven's which I had read most of her books. New Haven Academy is the boarding school that Jinger Rivera has been sent to save herself and be straightened out. When Jinger and her brother Caleb were younger,  their sister died, and this caused them to experience pain and nightmares. Each turned to a different way of coping - Jinger cut herself, and her brother turned to drugs. Their father is the third richest man in the world which doesn't help either as they never had a real family. Jinger has now been sent off to New Haven Academy and Caleb to rehab. Jinger has always found it hard to make friends as they only want to use her for her dad's money, that is until now - she now has Sebastian, Drew, and Hope. Can Jinger start to have a normal life? Was Jinger losing grip on life the best thing that happened to her? Find out in Book #1 New Haven Academy Series - Losing Grip. An edgy YA read with romantic suspense, dysfunctional families and boarding school antics. Losing Grip did end on a cliffhanger as one of Jinger's new almost-friends Brody has vanished.

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