Tuesday, December 26, 2017

Review: His to Claim - #1 No Strings - Opal Carew

No Strings (His to Claim, #1)

Review: His to Claim - Episode #1 - No Strings - Opal Carew - June 2014
Melanie had a great job and was working for a boss that she loved, however, she loved him a little too much. When Rafe started dating another co-worker and Melanie's friend - Jessica. She quit her job as a PA and went to work as a barista as she couldn't stand watching the man she loved with someone else. Rafe never realized, it was like she was there one minute and gone the next. A few months have passed, and it's Melanie's birthday, her friend Jessica has stopped by with a gift voucher for a tattoo. Mel heads to the tattoo parlor and goes to get one by Charlie done, when in walks Rafe. He is in for another tattoo. Mel watches and then gets one of her own - a bird for freedom. I had to admit I did find this quite cliched as often in books the people who get tattoos go for birds as it symbolizes as I said freedom and escape. One thing leads to another, and Rafe stops by Mel's house and then leaves but not for long as the book ended on the cliffhanger of Rafe standing at Mel's door.  At first, I wasn't sure what the title meant as there wasn't any real music theme to this book but we do get a sneak peek that before Rafe settled down, he was in a band. Episode #1 sets the premise for what we can imagine will be a budding romance eventually with a bit of spice between Mel and Rafe. Wanting a quick read and a new serial to start? Check out His To Claim - Episode #1 by Opal Carew - No Strings today.

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